specializing in

• Wedding Party Lessons for Bride & Groom or the entire wedding party.
• Private Lessons for individuls or couples.
• Group Lessons for 5 couples or more.
• Workshops for Events
• Exhibitions for Events

 Let us guide you on your trip into the shag world. Whether you are new to the dance, looking to pick up some new steps, or are trying to shine up your style we have an option to help you reach your goal!  Call us today for a package and pricing that will suit you!

Shag Class Format
Beginner Class Beginner II Class Intermediate/Advance Class
  • the Basic
  • the Start
  • Male & Female Turns
  • Turn In & Trail
  • Belly Roll
  • Pivot
  • Basic Variations
  • Front Prep
  • Dancing Prep
  • Stutters
  • Kick Back
  • Boogie Walk
  • Male Leads
  • Female Leads
  • Lead Follow Steps
  • Together Steps
  • Turns & Transitions


**No Partner Required for Classes** 
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